Small Wind Considerations

Turbine Height

Tower height is the most important factor in obtaining the best wind resource and achieving economic viability. The best wind turbine installation will be at the highest spot on the property and will use a tower that is high enough so the turbine is out of the turbulent region caused by buildings and vegetation. This is roughly twice the height of surrounding buildings and trees.
Wind Speed Chart
Wind Flow

Tree Deformation

Often trees in the general vicinity of the proposed wind turbine site will reveal the prevailing wind direction and give and indication of average wind strength. The following examples are taken from various locations within the Reno/Sparks area. The common attribute of trees with significant wind deformation is unobstructed access to the oncoming wind. This most commonly occurs at the edges of parks, golf courses, ridgelines or in open country. There are also many examples in the city where a tree will grow symmetrically until it reaches a height significantly above rooflines, and other neighboring obstructions. Once above these obstructions the stronger winds will cause deformation.

Wind Considerations

Tree Flagging

Tree Flagging

II  Slight to III Moderate Flagging at tree top

Tree Flagging